✨Features of anonymity

Every blockchain account has a public address, which is a long hexadecimal (0–9, a-f) string. As the name suggests, this address is public and can be analysed by everyone. However, your personal details are not tied to this address. This makes it impossible for a smart contract to know:

  • your name

  • where you live

  • how old you are

  • your gender

  • your income

Because of this, everyone is treated equally, and no discriminations are made.

  • transfer your FULL pension to ANYONE by handing over the secret key tied to your blockchain account

  • move to another country without having to worry about your pension

  • start your retirement at any desired age

  • same payout, even when you’re a woman β€” generally having a longer life expectancy

  • deposit how much you feel comfortable with

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